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"Surrender and Come Forth Into the Wilderness as

My Bondservants!"

The Clarion Call

In times past, a Clarion Call was a blowing of a trumpet to call followers to a holy assembly; to warn them of impending danger or to announce the arrival of a king.  It was a summons that was not to be ignored. God's Clarion Call for today is no different. The urgency of the hour requires the trumpet message to be heralded for all of His Body to hear.


"Surrender… and Come Forth into the Wilderness as My Bondservants!"


Welcome to The Father’s House ministry. We are Timm and BJ Emmons, overseers of The Father’s House ministry located in Monterey, California. This Christian ministry is dedicated to the equipping of His saints for service through foundational teaching, transformation and preparation.

God's Message to the Church for 2020
"Healing the Land"

Bible Teaching

Teaching Videos
"Walking In Victory"

The following 15 minute videos entitled, “Messages From The Father’s House” are produced for OBC (Online Bible College), their students and micro-churches throughout 160 nations. The principles taught on these videos are designed to help Christians grow to maturity and "Walk in Victory"!

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