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About The Clarion Call


A spiritual wilderness is a

God appointed period of time


He prepares His people for

ultimate service

and purpose.


Why would the Lord trumpet such a strong message to His Church?


The latest statistical studies and research indicate that much of the modern current day Christian Church is filled with liberalism, complacency and lukewarmness. Multitudes are living compromised lifestyles with one foot in His Kingdom while their other foot remains entrenched in the world. This condition causes a believer to remain a spiritual infant and undeveloped in their ability to discern the enemy’s tactics in their lives. Consequently… deception enters their walk and defeat is the result. This now enables the enemy to thrust the well-meaning Christian into a state of confusion, despair and even unbelief. As witnessed throughout scripture… demonic worldly influence combined with lack of full surrender to God creates a dangerous recipe for lukewarmness. And as Jesus said in Revelations 3:16…being lukewarm is the ultimate defeat for a Christian.


So, what does a ‘spiritual wilderness’ and ‘bondservant’ actually mean?


A spiritual wilderness is a God appointed period of time where He prepares His people for ultimate service and purpose. We can see this played out in the lives of the Israelites, Abraham, Moses, Joshua, Joseph, David, Esther, John the Baptist, Paul, Peter and the early disciples and even Jesus Himself. It is often a lengthy season that includes very specific training and testing. The objective is to transform a part time servant of God into a full time “bondservant” of God while at the same time equipping them for commissioning into God’s purpose for their lives. It’s the making of a true disciple of Christ whose life and free-will have been given entirely over to Jesus for His use.


So, what does He want from us?


He’s asking us to repent! Repent from our complacent and compromised self-ruled behavior. He wants us to stop just calling Jesus Lord and start “making” Him Lord. For a Christ-like transformation to become a reality in our lives, we must willfully surrender to a process (wilderness) that purges out our independent self-will from His and brings the hidden and un-surrendered areas of our lives into compliance with Jesus.  Though this refining process is not easy, the result is life-giving! He transforms us from part time self-willed servants to fully surrendered disciples (bondservants). He restores the broken and unhealed areas of our lives and brings them into oneness with Him. This wilderness experience, if yielded to, will prove to be the most rewarding and fulfilling time in your life. Not only will it bring you into purpose and destiny…it prepares you as the Bride of Christ! 


Posted on this website are 15 minute teaching videos entitled, “Walking in Victory”. These messages will further explain the wilderness process and the making of a bondservant of Christ. Also included on these videos are key Kingdom principles that will teach you to “hear His voice” more clearly and to be “led by His Spirit” into fulfillment and victory.


One point of clarification…


A wilderness time in a believers’ life must be initiated by the Lord Himself and no one else. This is important to understand because we can see from scripture that a believer can enter a wilderness time in their life for one of two reasons. Either their continual unrepentant sin and rebellion has led them there… or the Lord Himself has “invited” them there in order to equip, train and prove their readiness for ultimate use. 

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