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Live Events

The Father’s House “Live” events will give a unique opportunity for committed believers and their friends to gather together and learn how to walk in victory while learning God’s process of preparation for His Bride! Here’s what to expect at one of these events…


Times of praise and


  • Times of praise and worship

  • Fellowship with other believers

  • Key Kingdom principles needed for walking a victorious Christian life

  • How to Hear His voice

  • How to walk in the Spirit

  • How to walk by faith in a practical way

  • How to experience being an overcomer

  • How He transforms our character into the image of Christ

  • How to discover your purpose and destiny

  • How He prepares His Bride (the Church) for His return

  • Miraculous personal testimonies

  • And much more…

 Learn how to discover your purpose

                                                 and destiny

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